Friday, April 29, 2011


With a total of 8 pockets (9 if you count the drybag), ankle reinforcements, stretch panels, and insect repellent, I thought my search for the ‘do-it-all’ pant was finally over.  So I stuffed this pair of pants into my bag and headed for N Carolina for some rock climbing.  For three days I only wore these pants, and at first impression, they seemed up to the challenge.  Bushwhacking through brush and wading in water was no big deal.  The Survivor Trousers shrugged off nasty thorns and dried quickly.  Not even worse from the wear.  However, my gripe is with the stretchability of the pants.  They are great for hiking around on unwelcome trails, but they don’t have a gusseted crotch.  That means in certain climbing positions, the pants don’t stretch enough.  Another complaint is the need for a belt.  I would prefer that there was an adjustable drawstring so I didn’t have to wear a belt.  That’s just one more piece of clothing I would rather not have to worry about.  Overall these pants are great, but if you want to do some technical face or crack climbing, you should probably keep looking.